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May '24 Update

How you all doing? Casgra here with a May update. Senior Turbulence is up next. This is going to be another fun one. There are some cranky old men that want service right away. Some that just want attention and others that want to feel young again. Bridget can make it all happen. Poor girl is going to need a vacation after this one! She's been quite busy. Fending off crocomen, putting the zest back into some old patients, now serving a small jet airline filled with cranky old men and soon facing Vera and Sophia in a game of elimination. Ha! Just a little teaser there of the upcoming episode of One Million!

At renderotica there's a small series happening called "Sheila Gets Caught" This one's going to be about 25 images long. To see it just visit the Renderotica gallery:

Sheila btw is one of the two new models. The other is Nina. Both are BBW. For those of you who have asked for bigger ladies in the past. I hope you'll be happy with them.

Nina Sheila

Which New Girl Do You Prefer?

  • 0%Nina

  • 0%Sheila

Update on my leaving. There's a member of the family that has taken an interest in my work and this is the person that will be taking over. They will be focusing on continuing the Million Years series, but will also, at least twice a year, put out a different comic totaly their style. A hint of that has already been shown with "Sheila Gets Caught" I'll still be around as a creative consultant, but I won't be creating them. This begins next year!

More on this as time progresses. Have a great weekend! Talk to you all soon! Cheers!


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