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It's the holidays!

Here we are again, no I'm not going to start singing, however I am listening to Christmas music and having a tea with a touch of honey. I'm looking back at another year, thinking of all the comics and random images I produced. It's been fun. Let's see, I opened up the year with "Pulse", followed by "Climax", which was about every image focusing on lovers reaching climax and each image told it's own story. Then came the first story of the year, and that was "I Left My Shoes In Bed". This was an idea I had been playing in the back of my mind, till I finally decided why not, let me start rendering this story. I found it amusing. I mean, imagine having that kind of dream and you become totally aware that it is a dream. You create your own scenerio and everyone consents. "A Woman Named Nova" came next. Honestly, this story was inspired by these two images.

This is what sometimes happens. I'll get on my computer and just start posing characters. I set the lighting and hit render and I wait with excitement to see how it turns out. Sometimes it's nothing to write home about, but other times, I see renders like these and I think mmm, there's something here. So I start brainstorming and voila! I got a new comic! So ideas still keep coming and a lot of cool images emerge from the dark corners of my slighlty warped imagination, if I may brag just a bit. And that's how some comics become. For "Strange Encounters 5" I wanted a cat and mouse chase and I wanted to drag that a bit, because I thought it would be both funny and suspensful. Now the "One Million And One Years" series wasn't even supposed to be a series, but I thought maybe it would be fun to create one that can last more than 3 or 4 episodes. How about at least 10 and see how the story can evolve. So far, I like where it's going. What do you guys think? I know my work isn't everyone's cup, and that's fine, but just knowing that there is a small gathering of those like you out there who do enjoy my work, makes me happy.

Untill next year, Cheers and Season's Greetings!


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Erroll B
Erroll B
Dec 20, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.


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