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Who Wears It Best?

Hello everyone! I got something fun here today, but before I get into that I'd like to discuss the last 2 polls. The first one was "Who has what it takes to be the next Bridget?"and (drumroll) the winner by majority is Sophia with 18 votes followed by Vera at number 2 spot with 12 votes leaving Sue-Anna and Nova to tie at number 3 with 7 votes. Interesting how most of you see Sophia as the next Bridget, I always thought it would be Vera, since she's made more comic appearances and she's got, in my opinion more of that "It" factor. Don't get me wrong though, Sophia is beautiful and I do see a lot of potential in this newer character. Good stuff! The second vote was "Which is your favourite Strange Encounters?" Again, I was surprised to see that most of you had chosen SE 1. I thought it would be SE 3. Cool. Would you all like to know what was mine? It was SE 2. I thought the whole scenario was funny especially with that made up language that you can actually almost understand what they're saying and I also thought she looked much hotter in contrast with the skeleton creatures compared with her other encounters.

Ok it's now time to vote on "Who Wears It Best". I chose 4 of the most popular of all the characters to wear the same outfit, only different colours. Same place. Same lighting. I did not however keep the same poses. Instead I gave each their own close to their personalities. Here they are appearing from left to right, we have Sophia, Vera, Nova and Bridget.

Who Wears It Best?

  • 0%Sophia

  • 0%Vera

  • 0%Nova

  • 0%Bridget

Alright. Let the voting begin!

Strange Encounters will be available at Renderotica most probably by the end of this week. It's an early release and at Affect3D, it's scheduled to be out on the 29th of June. It will be presented in colour or black and white. Reason for the b&w was to capture that old classic horror movie feel. Enjoy!

Till next time!


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