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Updated: Feb 14, 2023

It's nice to finally have an official website. Blogger is ok, but it's just that. It's ok. Here I have the freedom to really express my creativity and as time goes by, I'll get more comfortable and I'll expand that creativity here. For now this is what we got:

- A HOME page that gives dedication to two of my favourite models, Gabrielle and Bridget.

- An ABOUT ME page where you learn a little about me and how to contact me to tell me that I'm strange.

- A BLOG page for my blogs and in these blogs, besides regular updates, I can also add GIFs, videos, and zip files and of course images.

- A MODELS page. Every model I use. Some are retired, but are available only through commissions.

- A COMICS section. Here you can browse every comic since 2016, when I started selling professionally. There is no more mini-comics section since I moved them to the comics area. If there are some missing, that's because some are available at Affect3D.

- And last, the GALLERIES. One and Two. This is a great place to browse. Not only will you find all of my featured works dating back from 2018, but now there's a VINTAGE section. Here you'll discover some of my even older works that go as far back as 2012 when I first started using Daz Studio. You've all been warned! PLUS, scattered throughout the galleries you'll find links to free comics and mini-series. I even threw in a video or two. So look out for that. One last thing, I'm also adding links to the images that are from actual comics to the store, but I haven't added all the links yet, so bare with me.

Finally, here is a little gift for you all. One of my funniest comics. I'd like to think. Enjoy and Welcome!


Can't Satisfy Me Love by Casgra
Download ZIP • 39.12MB

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Feb 21, 2023

Congratulations Casgra for your great website!! .... I think like most of us were waiting the arrival of your website! and it seems you put a lot of work in it. I personally will prefer to buy your comics, and all your great work directly from you instead of buying it from a third party website.

I hope with this blog we all can freely share new ideas, new concepts, suggestions and comments about your comics.

Please, keep up the awesome work, and congrats again for your website!

Hope to see more of Bridget's new adventures! .... 😀😍😍😋



Feb 21, 2023
Replying to

Thank you! I know it took me a while, but I finally got to it! At first it seemed a bit too complicated and confusing to me the idea of setting up a website. I've gotten so comfortable with Daz Studio that now the idea of learning something new is a bit tiresome. But yay I did it!

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