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Pre-Production Begins

Hey guys, The story is starting to come together and I think you all are going to like it. As weeks go by I will be giving out more details about the story and the new characters. There are old ones returning like Lord Karas of course. I'm aiming for 300 images. I really want this instalment to be bigger than its predecessor. I may or may not create any other comic before this one. I want to create that coffee shop story, but I might not have the time. So if that's the case it'll be months before there'll be another Casgra comic. Be patient guys. OMAOY will be well worth the wait.

Tickle Me Silly!

This Thursday a new subscription at Deviant Art begins. Keep your eyes open for "Tickle Me Silly". Price is $3 USD monthly. Two new images every Thursday. All tickle related.

That's it! Talk to you all real soon!


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