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OMAOY A.D. Update 1.0

Good Morning or Good Night, whichever part of the world you're in. I'll be updating you guys on this next Bridget adventure that's sure to knock your socks off! As I wrote in Deviant Art, this image is part of the settling down with her lover scene. Bridget and her hero has built a beautiful home together far away from Lord Karas. Let's just hope he never finds her. Right.

Anyway I have wonderful news. Because the scale of this story is very big, I chose to break it into episodes. Like some other artist who I will not mention, this story will be running for maybe 10 or more episodes. But I will not be working on another story/comic in between. Like I had mentioned before that this could be the last comic that I'll be creating for a while. Well that's more like maybe forever. I will be passing on my name Casgra to someone else. Someone I trust. Why? Because I'm going to be retiring some time next year, but I'll be part of OMAOY definitely for the first few episodes atleast and after that I'll just be a consultant.

Why am I retiring? It's a lot of work and I'm tired tbh lol. This person who's taking over officially next year has my full trust. By the way, you'll be seeing some of this person's style in the first episode of OMAOY A.D. They're doing an awesome job! Plus, begining late next year or early 2025 all renders will be created in a far more powerful computer.

So to recap. I am officially retiring next year and someone who I trust will be taking over. Just want to say though that the one who's taking charge is a very private person, will not be taking any commissions what so ever and won't be posting a regular flow of images as I have. They'll be focusing mostly on OMAOY A.D.

I'm still here, don't worry. I'll say my official goodbye when the time comes. Take care and talk to you all soon!


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Erroll B
Erroll B

I look forward to seeing Bridget in OMAOY A.D. 😍


Mongo Loggy_br
Mongo Loggy_br


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