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October Update 2023!

Happy Thanksgiving Sunday! Thanks for giving attention to my kinky art work! I already shared this on Renderotica and Deviant Art, but I need to mention it here too, of course. A few days ago as I was walking to my car, I heard something solid crash to the ground. My heart suddenly stopped when I felt my back pack a few pounds lighter. It was my Mac. It slipped out and landed hard on the concrete. I cannot explain how I could forget to zip up my back pack. I always make sure I do. Anyway, it's still working, but this poor machine has seen better days. Luckily I have a back up.

I hope you're all liking the One Million series so far! I like as I'm writing the episodes, the character personalities are evolving. Do I detect a slight protectiveness from Thal, especially towards Bridget? I know they have a bit of history, but why does he suddenly care about her, and Vera too. And did Don find out that Thal is having sexual relationships with some of the slave girls? Would he allow Vera or Sophia to be killed in a match or even have those two fight eachother. He seems fond of them both. Where is he finding these girls anyway? Does he really plan to eradicate every female or does he want to keep a few of them alive just for his pleasure? If any of you would have any questions you would like to ask based on the story, go for it on the comments box.

I'll be working on ep III to have it ready before the holidays. Then I'll take a little time off. For next year, I'll still be here and I'll be working closely with my partner who will be eventually taking over and we'll be upgrading to a new and more powerful computer. I can't wait to see how the renders turn out.

I'll keep you guys updated on ep III in the coming weeks! Till then,

Take care!


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Mongo Loggy_br
Mongo Loggy_br

It's getting hot, more sexy, more girls 😛... plots, betrayals... Thal or Don? oh and the mysterious guest... whoever gets the best, or rather, who will take the girls!😋... but don't take away the lovely and hot Sophia!😍

Each episode, more anticipation for the next one... congratulations!😎 I hope you stay until you finish them all.😆

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