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Not just for a quick release!

Nope! "A Woman Named Nova" offers a little more than my usual fleshly, animalistic erotic adventures, even though IT'S GOT ALL THAT! Still, it also deals with family issues. A son caring for his heartless and abusive father. A son who's lost all the zest that life still has for him, if only he was freed from the guilt of the responsibility of looking after his sick, grumpy old father. But then he meets a beautiful drifter named, Nova and things are never the same after that. His father charms their new guest and she's actually taken by his strong magnetism. He orders his son to leave and carry out his daily chores, so he can spend some alone time with the beautiful vagrant, but the son has had enough. The time has come to stand up to his ruthless father and put an end to years of his barbarous behaviour. Nova understands the son's suffering and aids him in her own special way. 😉

The images in this comic are, in my humble opinion, fantastic! Sometimes the lighting and I actually get along. Here's a few sneak peeks:

And it most definitely did get along with Nova. I've been working on this story for weeks and some days I worked 6 to 8 hours straight! Crazy how time flies! All I have to do now is add the text and I'll be done!

Starting next month I will begin working on commissions. I have a few spots still left open, but not a lot since quite a few of you have already reserved a place.

My rates are the same as last year. If there are two characters in a single image, it's 20 USD times the amount of images requested. One character one image is 15 USD. Three characters one image is 25 USD. This covers my posing time and the post-work.

I'll end here with a video I did a few years back. I dug up this video from my old archives and just retouched it. Enjoy!

Your humble erotic content creator,


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Love Nova , I chose Sophia for my commission choice, but I will regret and wish it was Nova lol, these 2 characters are my favorites Love Your Art


Feb 21, 2023

Great animation!! I love it .....maybe, will we see more animated stories on our favorite characters like Brigett, Vera, Trish, Alyssa, Nova, etc? Great work Casgra!, please keep it up!

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