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March '24 Update

A very good day or good night to you all. This is Casgra with an another big monthly update! So Bridget's 6th Strange Encounter will be released this week at Renderotica so keep that in mind. It's 70 plus pages long. It's got some great new hot poses and it has its funny moments! I hope you will all enjoy it.

Up next is an exclusive mini comic that's coming to Bridget's Picture Diary. I had a lot of fun revisiting an old classic and you guessed it! It was "Stacy Got Roached". That one image "Under The Belly Of The Beast" received a lot of positive attention when I first posted it back in 2017. You know it took my "back then" computer nearly a full night's render to get results, that in my opinion was just adequate. Now nearly 7 years later, with a little more experience points added to my "creative skills" and having a much faster computer, how could I resist, right? And, and in doing so, well as some of you already know me, know that once I get started on a fun little project, I get pumped! One image then becomes a series. I may call this mini series "My Experience With A Larva Crossbreed" Expect around 10 images. This will begin on Thursday March 7 exclusively at Deviant Art in Bridget's Picture Diary.

For the next comic, I have 2 in mind and both are very appealing, so I may need a little help in deciding.

Which Bridget Comic Should I work On Next?

  • 0%Bridget as a nurse treating an old sick patient.

  • 0%As a stewardess ensuring the comfort of an old passenger.

So whichever one gets done, I will do the other next. As for "One Million", episode IV will be made close to the end of this year.

That's all for now. Remember SE 6 is coming this week. Crocoman makes an awesome debut. He is a fun character. You'll see ;)


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Beast!😫 He literally ate her!... but who could resist all that 😍deliciousness!😋... so hot and gorgeous SE6! 😍

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Erroll B
Erroll B
04. März
Mit 5 von 5 Sternen bewertet.

Lot's of exciting stuff with Bridget 😍

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