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June 2023 Update!

Hello to you all! June is here and with it, the heat! Wow! Speaking of heat, here's one last sneak peak at Vol 5 of Strange Encounters.

This comic has over 100 images and will be available on the 21st of this month. I hope you all will enjoy it! Here's something I would like to know.

You're Favourite Strange Encounters

  • SE 1

  • SE 2

  • SE 3

  • SE 4

I know my favourite! :)


It's a "monster in distress" story and it will continue straight into the summer, ending sometime in the Fall. 2 new images every Tuesday and 1 follow up every Fridays. This funny series is only available with a "Bridget Picture Diary" subscription and all images in this series are 2000x1600 and of course, downloadable. Your monthly subscription helps me out and I really do appreciate it a lot! Thank you all for your support!

That's it! This is Casgra saying take care and stay cool! :) Bye bye now.

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