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August '23 Update

Hello my dear Casgra Fans! Yes, Sue-Anne takes up a sword in the long awaited sequel to OMY. I honestly feel bad for her, but I think she's a good sport for taking on Vera, even though she knows she'll fail miserably, but hey we never know.

Vera is so bad ass in this story that even I can't wait to see her face off with Bridget in the arena. It's going to be great! But for now I'd like to talk about the spectators. Notice how they pretty much all look the same, well there is a reason for that. Processing hardware, I'm not going to lie, cannot handle well when there's too many characters in the same scene, let alone have them all look different, clothes, hair, faces, etc. So I need to keep it simple, but you've heard the saying "You got to work with what you've got". Well since this is my dilemma, a computer that's not very fast, I have to put my creative cap on. In this story, Don Hara, you all know who he is now, is forming a new wave of men. He wants them all to look alike and have them believe that they're all the same. There are no individuals. No individual thinking. Basically, he has a sinister agenda and this will make for an interesting sub-plot.

Question: Will there be sex in this story?

Answer: Straight up yes, BUT if you gentlemen and ladies have been following my work for quite some time, you will know that porn isn't a big priority in my comics. Even though I have in the past produced a few that were strictly about sex, I always want to push away from porn and more towards erotic story telling. Isn't it more delicious when the story gains momentum as it moves forward and we learn more about the characters and the situation they're getting themselves involved in. Yes there will be sex, but don't expect a high number of close up penetration images. You've been warned.

Speaking of images, I will be presenting them in anamorphic scope 2.35.1 with a pixel density of 2400x900 as you see in the example images above. I think it looks pretty amazing especially for a story of this type.

Question: When will it be finished and ready for the store?

Answer: Probably around the end of this year, say November or maybe December. There is just so much to cover. A story of this scale can not be told in 50 or 60 images. It doesn't even begin to scratch the surface. So patience guys. It'll be much more meaningful.

Monster Captured comes to an end with 46 images. The next story will be starting in a week or so. Combined with the previous images, Bridget's Diary now has a total of 100 images as of today. Worth subscribing if you haven't done so already.

Last bit of news. A comic containing short stories of Bridget and Vera (not appearing together) is going to be available probably next week or the week after at Renderotica. So keep a look out for that.

That ends this month's update. Stay healthy. Stay kind and I'll talk to you all real soon.



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