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July 2023 Update!

Good Day, Good Evening or Good Night! This month's update begins with One Million And One Years A.D. and I think we all agree, at least most of us that this one should be big. And that is why it will take some months to have this ready for release. I'll definitely have to invest on a few sets, and characters and clothing. So maybe a few small tips or donations? It would be helpful, even if it's just a dollar. You'll find the donation link in the main page. You have my thanks! While I'll be planning on the story for OMAOY A.D. and also saving up to get the products I'll need, I'll be putting together that "girl meets guy at a coffee shop" comic. You know the one mentioned in my last blog, which by the way that mystery man is Ollie! All I can say is it's going to be another wacky erotic comedy.

At Affect3D, two new comics are now available:

And finally,

This is a brand new paid subscription that starts next week over at Deviant Art. It's all got to do with tickling and poking. That's right! My most popular models will be getting tickled and poked by all kinds of monsters and much older gentlemen. From mild discomfort to torture madness! Two new images every Thursday. Price is $3 USD a month.

Well that wraps it up for now. Stay tuned for more updates on OMAOY A.D. Until then, take care!


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