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Jan '24 Update

Hello fans of Casgra! Starting Jan 5th, 2024, All Casgra comics can only be purchased via Renderotica and Affect3D and no longer via PayPal! Please do not send any payments to PayPal for any Casgra comics starting Jan 5th, 2024.

You may request a commission for only Bridget. Here are the prices: One (1) image of Bridget is 22$ USD (5 Images MAX per order). One (1) image of Bridget with any guest star from past comics is 26$ USD. (10 images Max per order). These prices are set! Other female models will only be accepted as guests, but not starring.

We thank you for your interest and continued support of Casgra comics.


Casgra Management

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Tks Casgra for continuous accept the request commissions! 😃

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