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Happy Easter!

Hello my friends! I hope you're all having a wholesome Easter, either by yourself or with good company. It's a good time to reflect. To help us see where we are in our frame of mind. To stop and deeply observe ourselves. I know it's hard to ignore this crazy world we live in, especially around these days, but try to always keep it together and forgive because carrying grudges or hatred is an incredibly heavy burden and it most certainly does not benefit us. Be kind. Be patient. Remember, we all have our own stories to tell.

Keep the peace, like Bridget over here with these two sexy old codgers. There's plenty of love to go around! 😉

Happy Easter Everyone!


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Cosmic's 3D Angels
Cosmic's 3D Angels
Apr 10, 2023

Happy Easter my friend


Apr 09, 2023

Thank you! Same to you Casgra! Happy Eastern!! I love the image of Bridget giving sweet sexy looks to these 2 nasty-looking sexy geezers. Love the rendering. She should be kissing both of them!!! 😊😋😋😍

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