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Get Over Here, Have A Seat & Introduce Yourself!

So this is an idea I'm toying with. One story, but told through three different models. It will start with Vera and continues with Sophia and then Bridget and then back to Vera and repeat. It's a story about a girl who meets a guy at a coffee shop, but she will have three different personalities, but with each personality change, I'll switch the characters who fit their personality. Can you guess who the mystery man is? Anyway, I hope it's an idea that will work.

In Bridget's Picture Diary back at DeviantArt, there will be a new series beginning sometime in August. It's a spin off to "Strange Encounters with Bridget vol 5". It's going to be presented in cartoon style. It's a nice change, but don't worry, there will also be a regular version, but only when the series is over. Just like when Monster Captured concludes, you will be able to download the complete series in a zip file. So now that's two exclusive comics at DeviantArt for this year.

Who Wears It Best goes to Bridget! I see that Sophia, Vera and Nova are pretty close to each other. It is a tight decision, no pun intended!

That's all for now, but check in a few days for news on "One Million Years A.D. part 2"

Take care,


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