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April '24 Update

Hello friends! Casgra here. It was a long weekend for some of us. I had me a little get together with the family to celebrate Easter and it was nice. My brother tried my scooter for the first time (the ones that you stand on). He was laughing at first. Calling it a child's toy, but then he took it for a test drive and now he wants one too lol.

How you all been? Got some great stuff coming! "Night Shift Nurse" is complete and ready to hit the shelves probably by the end of the week at Renderotica. It will also be available at Affect3D but later in the month. It has a couple of nice penetration shots and for those of you who have a stomach or belly related fetish, there's a couple with some tongue licking action as well.

For Bridget's Picture Diary, there's a new mini series coming called "The Three Little Mechanics & Bridget".

I saw these little guys in an image from a user back at Deviant Art and I had to have them. What does Bridget have to say about this encounter? I wonder. 10 images, maybe more. Expect them next week. Now, I'd like to thank everyone who's supporting this premium gallery. There are presently 56 supporters and counting.

Thank You!

It's a one time fee of 30 USD to unlock it. There are 171 images and I keep adding more each month.

Commissions! There have been a few requests. Here are the prices: One (1) image of Bridget is 22$ USD (5 Images MAX per order). And One (1) image of Bridget with a guest star is 26$ USD. (10 images Max per order). There have been a few changes. Basically, I have retired many past models. All V4, M4 and Genesis 2 are gone! So no more Gabrielle, Trish, Stacy, Candie, Jennifer and Mandy. Sorry guys. I'll still keep them in the models page, but I will mark them as retired. Why? They were due. The posing is a bitch and it brings down the quality. Sorry guys!

Next up, Steward Bridget! Coming in May/June '24.

That is all for this month's update, but we'll talk soon. Until then, take care!


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Hi, I appreciate your work and also I like your comic collection but one problem with buying your comic because I didn't not have a credit card so buying your comic was very tough I only buy comics in affect3d the other stores didn't have lot of payment option any other way to buy the comic...

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11 abr
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Sorry. You can only purchase through Renderotica or Affect3D. Try contacting the store manager at Renderotica for other possible payment methods. Thx.

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